Why Uganda

Girls living in Uganda face a number of challenges that can impact their well-being, development and future. Those attending school often face gender bias especially with reproductive health issues, the curriculum, and teachers themselves do not favor it. In poorer or more rural families, it is more difficult for girls to attend school, as education is often considered only important for boys. Girls in Uganda are more likely to drop out of school, marry early, and experience poverty than their male counterparts.


40% of Uganda‚Äôs population are under the age of 18.

50% of women are married by the age of 18.

27% of refugees living in Uganda are girls under the age of 18

35% of girls drop out of school because of early marriage

6.7% each additional year of education for girls reduces their chances of contracting HIV by 67%

About Uganda


Uganda is a land locked country located in east Africa, it is referred to as the pearl of Africa for its natural endowments. With English as its major language, there over 40 languages with Luganda as a dominant.

It is filled with diverse cultures and people from all over the world, with an increase of entry of refugees into the country in all parts including Kampala its capital city.

What is Uganda For Her doing in Uganda

Uganda for her is highly available to reach out to less privileged girls, young women and teen mothers. With the high rate of early marriages and pregnancies in Uganda, U4H is here to help

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