In Uganda, girls live in a male-­dominated society that dictates women’s subordination and economic reliance on men for survival making it harder for them to escape the cycle of extreme poverty. Without equal educational and economic opportunities, girls are never able to fully realize their potential. Men take advantage of women and end up making them single mothers and teen mothers.

when the overall wellbeing of girls is prioritized, a girl learns the importance of gaining control over her life and body. She will develop her confidence as an empowered girl and begin to speak up against violence, girl child marriage and safe spacing. This lowers her chance of falling into the major pitfalls of child marriage, sexual violence, exposure to HIV/AIDS, and teenage pregnancy


Uganda for Her Initiative (U4H) believes in providing young women and girls with the opportunity to rise above their challenges and develop into economically independent, confident, and successful women leaders. We envision a world where girls can grow up to be socially and economically empowered women, who will be leaders and peer mentors within their communities.