How Reusable Pads Help Everyone

For many Westerners, cloth pads are a thing of the past. But in many countries, including those of East Africa, reusable pads are commonly used and evolving! Here are some reasons to consider using cloth pads and why they continue to remain popular.

Helping the Environment

A constant criticism of disposable tampons and pads is the environmental waste they create. Reusable pads eliminate this waste and provide the same use! Although the pads must be washed with hot water, a normal cycle of one week per month with an average of three pads per day will still produce much less waste than the use of disposable sanitary pads.

Widely Available

Reusable pads can be found in many major supermarkets or online retailers. Some organizations that sell pads also use their profits to help women around the world. Non-profits like  Uganda for Her offer pads to girls who cannot afford them for discounted or free rates. You can buy pads for yourself with the knowledge that you are also helping women who do not have the economic means to buy their own.

Cost Benefit

Disposable pads can cost anywhere between $4 to $10 USD per package and only last one cycle. Tampons can cost even more, and have the risk of developing serious diseases. Reusable pads cost more in upfront charges, such as $17 to $25 USD per set, but can last for months, unlike one use disposable pads.

While it may seem challenging to make the complete switch to reusable pads from the convenience of disposable tampons and pads, even just using cloth pads at night or at home can make a huge difference. With reusable pads, you can save money while also supporting the environment and women around the globe!