Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) is a central part of our initiative. Girls need to know the correct information about their bodies and their rights so they can make informed decisions and speak up in cases of sexual violence. Creating a safe space to talk about this possibly awkward or uncomfortable topic allows the girls to ask sensitive questions and for our peer educator to dispel any commonly held myths and provide factual information.

Why reproductive health issues

The Uganda for her initiative was created because our founders recognized the lack of support young Ugandan girls receives during their periods.
Menstruation is still a taboo subject in Uganda society resulting in a harsh stigma of shame and embarrassment surrounding the natural process.
We hope to shatter this stigma and create a supportive environment for young girls.

Uganda for Her’s sexual and reproductive health and rights train adolescent girls the following:

  • Body changes at the onset of puberty

  • Positive body image

  • Girls and their periods – Menstruation and Hygiene

  • Pregnancy Facts

  • How to avoid being a teenage mother

  • Violence against Women (VAW)

  • Root causes of VAW- Patriarchy

  • Prevention of VAW

Girl in Uganda are pressured into or decide to have sex at an early age, which in many instances leads to them dropping out of school. In 2013, the United Nations Population Fund State of World Population Report found that in Uganda 33% of girls have children before the age 18. As a result, Uganda has the second highest fertility (with 6 children per woman) and fifth highest growth rate in the world.


Our peer educators visit schools in Kampala and the rural districts to educate and support young girls we teach both girls and boys on this subject to expel all confusion and discourage harassment of girls by their classmates.

We teach classes about the female reproductive system the process that causes girls to have their menstrual cycle and how to track their cycles.


U4Her began a reusable sanitary pad program in school to tackle menstrual health and hygiene and its impact on girls’ ability to stay in school during their menstruation period. It is now well known that menstruation is a barrier to girls’ education and overall health and well-being. In response to this pressing issue, we use donations to purchase reusable sanitary pads with an aim of eliminating the shame these girls feel during their periods at school.

Get Involved in Our Work


You can help break the cycle of poverty and begin a cycle of progress for a girl child, her family, and her entire community and see the difference you are making in their lives first-hand!

When you fundraise for Uganda for her initiative, you are helping to give a young women and girls a brighter future. You’re giving them days of education, work, health, safety and dignity.