Economic Empowerment Program

The Young Women’s Economic Empowerment Program created economic opportunities for young women between the ages of 18 and 32 to become economically self-sufficient. The women in this program were able to build confidence and learn useful vocational skills. Uganda For Her provided a safe and supportive space for them to develop their business ventures. Together a community of supportive women was formed. This program ran back in 2015, our current focus is on sexual health and reproductive rights for women and girls but we hope to start up this program again with new funding.

Our Economic Empowerment Training Includes:




Computer Training


Agro Business

How We Empowered Our Girls

Uganda For Her offered young female entrepreneurs, most of whom were single mothers, with comprehensive business training, customized individual mentorship, and a relationship-building/networking opportunity. The women also participated in sexual health and reproductive rights workshops. 

Girls Leadership School Clubs

Our Girls School Clubs were used to create a safe place for girls meet once a week. These meetings encouraged girls to discuss their struggles and other sensitive topics surrounding gender inequality. Together they realized they were not alone and could fight the stigmas placed upon the girl child. They would also participate in fun activities such as craft-making, yoga, and meditation. They also learned how to make their own reusable sanitary pads. The goal of this project was to provide young girls with the skills to be brave, resilient, and connected. These clubs were focused on empowering adolescent girls to help them thrive in a patriarchal environment.

Our girls clubs went beyond sexual health and reproductive rights education. Girls participated in weekly discussions and activities to develop communication, leadership, and decision-making skills. They were taught how to stand up against bullies and set goals to develop their self-esteem and re-evaluate their own worth as a girl. Although this project is not active at the moment we hope to bring it back to life with sustainable volunteer support. Instead many of these activities are now used during our sexual health and reproductive rights workshops.