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Our Story began in 2015, in Uganda, Mpigi District- From one Girl to a Non-Profit organization

The Uganda For Her Initiative was born out of serendipity. 
In 2015, Ben Serunyigo returned to Uganda after finishing his graduate studies. It was in his home district of Mpigi that he found a girl crying on the street. She was sitting on the ground, her clothing stained with blood. As he comforted her, Ben realized that the girl knew nothing about her own menstrual cycle. He brought her to the market in hopes of finding sanitary pads, and tried his best to explain menstruation. When Ben and the girl returned to her home, he discovered that her sisters and many of their classmates had experienced the same fear and confusion surrounding their first periods. 

After this fluke encounter, Ben came to understand that the need for adequate reproductive & sexual health education was not only a reality for those girls in rural Mpigi but a global issue. With support from Amy, 
Ben and created Uganda For Her Initiative as an effort to mobilize people and funds. What started as a temporary initiative has grown into a comprehensive non-profit organization that strives to empower entire communities by educating students on sexual & reproductive health, providing vocational training to young leaders, and supporting teen mothers and HIV-positive youth in rural Uganda

From living in Uganda, Ben noticed that there is a gap regarding the support of girls and women’s development and growth. Women are still sidelined, especially those residing in less privileged areas. Ibrahim Katende Tebusweke came on board right away given his time and dedication to improving the life of the ‘girl child’ in Uganda. His experience in project management and administration has been a blessing to our small organization.