Girls Not Brides is a global partnership of more than 650 civil society organizations from over 85 countries committed to ending child marriage and enabling girls to fulfill their potential.

Insight Global Education is a Vancouver-based social enterprise that designs and runs experiential education programs for university and high-school students. All of their programs take place abroad in developing countries, and are themed based on global social, political and economic challenges.

Permaculture Research Institute of Uganda is designed by science, inspired by nature, and guided by ethics. Its purpose is to meet the needs of humanity, while benefiting the environment. To this end, they empower individuals, local communities, and the larger public to build sustainable and environmentally friendly food and land systems, social and community systems, shelter and home systems, and livelihood and business systems.

The Forum for Education NGO’s in Uganda (FENU) is a national coalition of civil society organizations. FENU is made up of over 100 civil society organzations and community based organizations who undertake joint advocacy work to influence government and campaign for change.

Collectively we stand up for the right to education for all children in Uganda. We are committed to linking people to policy and best practice for a better education.

Just Kids Lunch Foundation is a non profit organization that eliminates child hunger and emphasizes the importance of nutrition in schools by donating food to vulnerable schools and children and sensitizing communities about nutrition. Fights poverty the leading cause of hunger and engaged  in Youth Empowerment Programs.

Australia’s fastest-growing, youth-led non-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing quality education about global gender equality. With bases in Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and internationally, they run in-school programs, conferences, engagement events, campaigns and more!

Chance4Kids Foundation is a startup group by two friends in 2017 in the city of Coquitlam. Society takes education for granted and disregards world education as a privilege. After learning about the educational crisis in underdeveloped countries, they realized enough was enough and chose to take responsibility in improving children’s education.