Mpigi Outreach June 2018

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” –Nelson Mandela

From June 26th to June 28th our team of volunteers at Uganda For Her conducted an outreach program in the Mpigi District. We were able to visit five different schools to provide menstrual training to over 250 boys and girls, and educate over 150 high school students on sexual health, STDs, and reproductive rights. Our Mpigi outreach was a huge success! Many students approached our peer educators with questions regarding HIV/AIDs prevention, proper sanitization, and consent.

At Uganda For Her we believe that knowledge is power. Our educational workshops and presentations are designed to empower women and communities. Knowledge surrounding sexual health and reproductive rights has the ability to conquer the many problems women and girls face such as sexually transmitted diseases, child brides, teen pregnancy, and rape.

Our mantra that we teach youth is that puberty and menstruation is “healthy, natural, and normal.” We want to fight any taboos and myths surrounding puberty, sexual health and reproductive rights. The topic of menstruation can be a taboo subject that is not often discussed, leaving people uneducated and embarrassed about their natural bodily functions. Uganda For Her strives to break this stigma and provide adequate education for youth to embrace their bodies and take charge of their health.

Period poverty is a problem that many girls in Uganda face. Menstrual products are often unaffordable and inaccessible. Due to the sensitivity surrounding the subject matter education is often limited and proper sanitation methods are overlooked. Many girls end up missing school and dropping out due to their inability to take care of themselves when on their period. Girls will be teased for blood stains and feel ashamed of such a natural process. At Uganda For Her we distribute reusable cloth pads to girls in need! During our Mpigi outreach we were able to hand out over 50 reusable pad packages to young girls.

Uganda For Her has recently launched a sexual health and reproductive rights training program for high school students. We received great feedback on this program during our Mpigi outreach! Many schools that provide sexual health education merely preach abstinence as a method to reduce teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDs, and other STDs. However their education system neglects to discuss family planning options, consent, and STD prevention methods. The lack of discussion surrounding these subjects has become a barrier to development and the fight for gender equality. Our team of volunteers here at Uganda For Her is dedicated to providing adequate knowledge on any sexual health related topic.

After a successful outreach in Mpigi our Uganda For Her team continues to educate girls, women, and communities on menstruation, consent, family planning, STDs, sexual health, and reproductive rights. We cannot wait for our next outreach!



Written by Lauren Shoniker