There are many things that will prevent a girl being educated. But when it comes down it, the truth is, millions of girls are prevented from going to school, simply because they were born a girl.

The Facts


Barriers to Girls Education


In Uganda, 40% of girls are forced into marriage before they turn 18 and 10% marries before their 15 birthday. We’ve met girls as young as 12 who’ve been engaged to men old enough to be their father. We’re not sure what you were doing when you were in grade 6.


The high cost of education prevents the most marginalised girls from getting an education. Eliminating school fees and offsetting indirect costs of girls’ schooling has helped to increase enrolment and keep girls in school all over the world.


Uneducated girls are more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnancy and other health complications. If all girls received education, the frequency of early births would drop by 59% and child deaths would decrease by 49%.

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