Leadership and Mentorship Program

Our Girls Leadership Program equips girls to change their world by providing them with the skills to be brave, resilient and connected. Girls don’t always have a say in decisions that affect their lives. Girls deserve to participate in their communities, advocate for their rights, and be role models for other girls.

Our Girls Training Program is an in-school program that focuses on building adolescent girls’ capacities for individual empowerment and social survival, especially in patriarchal environments that do not always value and respect the rights of girls and women.

Why Girls Leadership?


Girls spend 33–85 percent more time per day working at home and in unpaid markets compared to boys of the same age.


This situation prevents girls from developing skills that enable them to be self-sufficient and provide economic support for their families. Without these skills, girls are unable to stand up for their rights and the rights of others within their own country.


Statistics show that women and girls reinvest 90 percent of their income back into their families and communities, compared to only 30-40 percent for men and boys.

Each training session focuses on a specific topic such as:

Girls Club

School Club is a safe place where girls meet once a week. These meetings provide a space for girls to discuss sensitive topics on a more frequent basis and participate in making handicrafts, reusable sanitary pads, and briquettes as well as learning yoga and meditation techniques.