Family Planning Workshops with Local Women

This month Uganda For Her partnered with Youth Sport Uganda to teach women about various family planning methods and answer any sexual health questions that they had.

Our team was very excited to share our knowledge with such a wonderful and engaged group of women! They were receptive to our presentation and were happy to share their experiences with the group. The women were taught about family planning methods such as condom use, birth control pills, IUDs, Injectaplan (the Depo-Provera shot), and other natural family planning methods. It is important to keep in mind that some family planning methods may be more difficult for women to access or difficult to take consistently. Luckily when it comes to family planning methods and contraceptive use there are many options available for women to choose from!

At Uganda For Her we strive to empower girls and women in our communities through reproductive and sexual health education to allow them to take charge of their lives! We believe that it is important to educate girls and women on family planning methods to ensure that she completes school and waits until she is ready to start a family.

In Uganda birth control use is very stigmatized and not openly discussed due to the spread of myths and taboos surrounding the topic of sex. Many Ugandans fear that using birth control will make women infertile, cause other health problems, and influence women to pursue extramarital affairs. We hope to eliminate these barriers to family planning services by educating women with accurate facts to provide them with the opportunity to take control of their bodies, fertility, and health. We believe that providing adequate knowledge on family planning methods can reduce teen pregnancies, abortions, school dropout rates, and the spread of HIV/AIDs. All our workshops and presentations are designed to educate and empower women surrounding knowledge on their own bodies and reproductive rights!

To find more facts on family planning contraceptive use and barriers in Uganda visit:

We thank the team at Youth Sport Uganda for inviting us to speak to their wonderful group of women and share our knowledge with a broader audience!


Written by Lauren Shoniker