At Uganda For Her we strive to provide opportunities that empower women and girls to become leaders in their communities. We advocate for gender equality with the belief that by empowering the girl child we will empower a community to make progressive change. Our organization specifically focuses on empowering females by educating communities on their reproductive rights, family planning, consent, and techniques to take charge of their sexual health. Uganda For Her is an adequate community resource for sexual health information that works to abolish myths and break the stigma.


Our vision is to ensure that our girls become empowered, independent, and valuable, not vulnerable. We aim for gender equality, inclusion, and understanding within communities to help tackle issues surrounding sexual health and reproductive rights.

OUTREACH GOALS: Women and Girls

  1. Promote sexual health and reproductive rights within schools and communities to empower women and tackle the HIV/AIDs crisis.
  2. Provide adequate educational materials and presentations to dismantle myths and break the stigma surrounding the discussion of menstruation, sexually transmitted infections, and sexual intercourse. 
  3. Distribute reusable pads to girls in need while addressing proper sanitization techniques. 
  4. Conduct community-based participatory research on conditions affecting the girl child to increase awareness surrounding their needs. 
  5. Partner with other local initiatives to empower the women and girls of Uganda.