In Uganda millions of girls are denied basic human rights simply because they are a girl. Uganda For Her is working to end gender inequality and promote girls rights by providing accurate information on their reproductive rights, family planning, consent, and techniques to take charge of their sexual health.

What’s Happening Now

Our Peer Educators train girls to understand menstruation and how to care for their reusable sanitary pads. They also educate both boys and girls on puberty, consent, and their reproductive rights in hopes of keeping the girl child in school. 

We have recently started performing educational workshops on sexual health, family planning methods, STD and HIV/AIDS prevention with local groups of women and high school students. We believe this training will empower the girl child to stay in school and ensure a bright and healthy future. 

Our Accomplishments

Sanitary pads distributed
Girls received training
Schools in Kampala, Mpigi, Wakiso, and Mityana

What You Can Do

Your donation will support our vital work to advance gender equality for girls

We are accepting interns and volunteers for work placements in Uganda

For every $5 you donate, we provide one girl with a Reusable Menstrual Kit

Stories From Our Work

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